WRAET has turned one

Our journey started in June, 2017 - one year ago - with the idea of gathering all the ham radio operators in Wayne, NJ and form a team to serve our community and the general public in Wayne, while enjoying the best hobby in the world: amateur radio.

Today, we are celebrating the completion of our first year with success.
We have came a long way since we started and accomplished a lot of great success already, and we are looking forward to extend our list of achievements even further.

Thanks to all our members for helping to make WRAET such a success.

During the last year, we have nonupled our members from only 4 founders to a total of 35 members of ages varying from teenagers starting to get on the air, to really old-timers who were lucky enough to experience the dawn of radio with vacuum and tube transceivers.

Those great members have collaborated together into many aspects that all contributed to the success of our first year. We have acquired and operated three repeaters on three different ham bands. We have also built relationships with the township of Wayne, ARES, RACES, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM), and the CERT team. We also organized a Technician license class and a VE exam session for new amateur radio operators.

The Wayne Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has recognized our club as an organization whose mission statement is to be activated as the Township’s official RACES organization during an actual emergency.

The club also conducted a very successful JOTA operation and helped the scouts get their radio merits badges, and it ran another successful operation at the dry-run for the upcoming field day.

Also, during our first year, we have organized and held our monthly club net as our 'hang out' for the members and other amateur radio operators to get to know each other while promoting the club. It is a very successful net that we are looking into holding it more frequently, along with planning a second more topic-specific net.

It is also noticeable that during our first year, we have hosted very remarkable speakers for our meetings' programs. The list includes Captain Keith O’Sullivan who has been appointed as the head of Wayne OEM, Rob Roschewsk (KA2PBT) who is the section manager for NNJ ARRL, and Mike Lisenco (N2YBB) who is the ARRL director of the Hudson division, along with other very interesting speakers.

Our first year was definitely a successful year, and our members should all be proud for contributing to that success, while looking forward to continue this success in our next year.

To join the celebration, stop-by our station during Field day on June 23rd in the St. Joseph Medical center and enjoy a piece of our first birthday cake.

Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency Team