Meeting minutes:

Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency Team Meeting July 12, 2019
Published: July 14, 2019

Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency Team

Meeting Minutes for 7-12-19

The meeting started at 7:35 pm. Joe moderated the meeting. It began with a flag salute followed by discussion of
agenda items.

Club Business Meeting Topics (Members Only Discussion)

Approval of Meeting Minutes June 14 - Carver W2TFM
Minutes approved by majority vote.
Web Site – Aly AL0Y
Domain names have been renewed.
Field Day Pictures (Rob N2RDA) need to be added to the web site
Net Attendees 6-26-19 (8 am – 8:10 pm)
Aly Badawy – NCS AL0Y
David Pandoscak K2NEC
Jim Sadur N2RBJ
Carver Washburn W2TFM
Allan Jay Baum K2AJB
WRAET Facebook Page – Steve KD2PJK
No change
Membership – Allan K2AJB
Dave Freeswick, KD2SGM, joined the Club as a member. Welcome, Dave!
VE Sessions – W2PX, Jason
No change
Scouting Radio Merit Badge and the Communications Merit Badge Jim N2RBJ has scheduled merit badges on
Saturday, Sept. 21 as the date for the program. The Library is booked starting a 10 am (when it opens). Jim needs
their permission to extend the session beyond the four-hour limit. He is in touch the six scoutmasters of Wayne scout
troops. Jim is seeking volunteers for the program. Each will need to take the BSA Youth Protection training on-line.
Takes about 20 minutes. Jim will update and distribute a flyer for the program. It has not been distributed outside the
Mike considering a contest for the next drill (possible 6 meters Sporadic E propagation). He is scheduling it.

Ham Fest
KC2OII, John, contacted Dave Schwartz regarding the use of Camp Veritans for our first Ham Fest. It can occur any
time after the 3rd week of August. The rental would be $500. We can have the mess hall for our indoor ham fest
and an open area further up as usual. Also, we have use of the same building, but now air-conditioned, for cooking,
etc. Dave is the Camp’s Chairman of the Board. Further discussion took place regarding the risk of a startup situation
and potential liability serving food.
It was recommended that we get a “food truck’ to cater the affair and agree to a percent of the revenue.
John will prepare a financial pro forma statement for presentation at the next meeting for further discussion of
financial risk as a startup.
Field Day 2019 Discussion
There was discussion regarding submitting our score to the ARRL which has a deadline for submitting score entries of
July 23. There were no volunteers to do so.
Jim, N2RBJ, will secure the call sign W2W for Field Day 2020.
Open Chair positions:
Program Chair is required.
Mayor/Council recognition of WRAET Club
KC2OII, John corrected the legal name of the Club on the insurance to reflect that filed with the State. K2JVS, Joe,
will now move forward with Township Legal and with the Council for approval with the same benefits and legal
alignment as currently exists with Wayne C.E.R.T. Joe discussed with KD2NCN, Mike, moving forward with Captain
Daly and Captain McDermott to achieve close collaboration between C.E.R.T and WRAET.
EchoLink proposal to Wayne OEM for funding – Joe K2JVS and Mike KD2NCN
EchoLink is not operational as reported by K2MF, Barry. Some change had to be made to the technical proposal for
implementation at the WRAET repeater site, Mike will follow through with Wayne OEM for full implementation.
Special Event Station – KC2OII, John, contacted the Dey Mansion regarding a Special Event Station. The contact
turned out to be a ham. He suggested the month of October because of very important dates that month. He needs
to receive permission from their Board of Directors. John will follow through with that. Also, John will determine
method(s) of promotion of the event and the associated lead time. ARRL QST Magazine will be one of them.
Other Member business proposed from the floor
K2JVS, Joe, reminded that the Club cannot conduct consulting or provide any services with Saint Joseph Wayne
Hospital or anyone else. The Club is not covered for that liability. If individuals wish to do so on their own, they
need to pursue it on their own but with no WRAET association.

ADJOURNMENT – Business Meeting adjourned at 8:28 pm.
PROGRAM – There was no program nor Program Chair. K2JVS, Joe, is proposing a presentation at a future meeting
on Club Log software. Among other things, it takes Log Book of the World and checks against DXCC and other
award requirements.
Steve, KD2PJK, is working on a proposed program and will advise.
Next meeting - Friday, August 9, 7:30 pm.
Meeting Attendees
Aly Badawy AL0Y
Allan Jay Baum K2AJB
Joe Scuralli K2JVS
David Pandoscak K2NEC
John Demetrius KC2OII
Mike Williams KD2NCN
Steven Brodkowitz KD2PJK
Dave Freeswick KD2SGM
Allan Baum KF2EE
Jim Sadur N2RBJ
Rob Arms N2RDA
Jason Findlay W2PX
Carver Washburn W2TFM
Gary Kantor WA2BAU
There were no guests.