Meeting minutes:

Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency Team Meeting May 10, 2019
Published: May 15, 2019

Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency Team

Meeting Minutes for 5-10-19

Carver W2TFM
The meeting started at 7:30 pm. Carver moderated the meeting. It began with a flag salute led by John KC2OII
followed by discussion of agenda items.

Club Business Meeting Topics (Members Only Discussion)

Approval of Meeting Minutes April 12 - Carver W2TFM
Minutes approved by majority vote.
Skywarn Training – May 29 Passaic OEM, Oldham Rd, Wayne 2-3 hours
The Ocean-Monmouth Amateur Radio Club Spring Hamfest – Saturday June 1, 7:30 am – 12 pm
Monthly Net report April 24 – Aly – AL0Y
Opened 8:00 pm. Closed 8:22 pm
(2M Repeater)
Jason W2PX
Carver W2TFM
Next net will be Wednesday May 22 on the 2M repeater.
Web Site – Aly AL0Y
No change. Allan, K2AJB, updating meeting minutes
WRAET Facebook Page – Steve KD2PJK
No change
Membership – Allan K2AJB
Working with NNJ SM for prospects.
Scouting Radio Merit Badge and the Communications Merit Badge Jim N2RBJ has scheduled merit badges for
Saturday, September 7 at the Wayne Library.. He will contact all 7 troops in Wayne to attend.
Mike, KD2NCN reported on the QRP Power conducted on Sunday, May 5th. Mike wanted to thank everyone who
was able to come out, brave the weather for our briefing, and participate in the drill. He was pleasantly surprised by

our ability to communicate across town via simplex on low power except for the CVS parking lot at the Wayne-
Pompton Lakes border on Hamburg Turnpike. Everyone did a great job with their message relays. He was able to

hear multi station relays where the message was passed without changes along with the inclusion of the stations that

had passed the message. A special thanks to AL0Y, Aly for taking the time to note signal reports. That was something
that had not been considered. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our "debrief." If anyone has any feedback -
good, bad or suggestions please feel free to let us all know. Participants included were:
Carver W2TFM
Dave K2NEC
Steven KD2PJK
Mike considering a contest for the next drill (possible 6 meters Sporadic E propagation). Considering scheduling it in
late May or late July.
Field Day 2019 – Jack, W2USN Jack advised that everything is all set and ready for establishing manning –
personnel and radio equipment/positions. A survey was distributed to all members to that end. John has registered
the event with the ARRL week. So far hehas received back six completed forms and I sent the form out again. We
still have time to get additional volunteers and operators. Emailed WPU club but no response. Need someone to
follow up and make contact with them.
There seems to be some suggestions as to antennas and moving farther out into the lot with other antennas, which is
something Jack will leave to Stan and Aly since they’re the experts. Thx.
Tents and generators appear to be lined up thx Mike.
He knows Dave, K2NEC, last year served as safety officer and will again handling also first aid and fire... thx Dave
.... those are bonus points.
We have to get someone to set up and operate a GOTA station which is points.
At June meeting we finalize and set day for site inspection.
There was a consensus to purchase the WRAET banner with its first use Field Day. Aly, AL0Y, agreed to complete the
design (logo, etc.). It will be purchased once this is accomplished.
John, KC2OII, registered us with the ARRL using the call sign W2W.
Open Chair positions:
Program Chair and Hamfest Chairs are required.
There was discussion about having the Hamfest at Camp Veritans. KC2OII, John, will talk with Dave Schwartz,
Camp Veritans Board Member about the Hamfest.
WRAET Jackets – Dave, K2NEC
Dave distributed the WRAET jackets at the meeting to those present. Thanks, Dave, for handling all of this.

Mayor/Council recognition of WRAET Club
Joe, K2JVS requested that KC2OII, John correct the legal name of the Club on the insurance to reflect that filed with
the State. Joe will move forward with the Council for approval with the same benefits and legal alignment as
currently exists with Wayne C.E.R.T.
EchoLink proposal to Wayne OEM for funding – Joe K2JVS
Joe, K2JVS, will write up a justification of the expenditure for Wayne OEM.
Programs – AL0Y, Aly, spoke at the meeting on APRS, and how he used Arduino and Raspberry PIs to build an APRS
station. Steve, KD2PJK, is working on a proposed program and will advise.
Special Event Station – KC2OII, John, will flush out a plan for WRAET Special Event Station at Dey Mansion..
N2RDA, Rob, contacted Wayne Day Chair on possible participation in Wayne Day (June). He has not responded.
Other Member business proposed from the floor
 Code plug for it with all DMR repeaters in NY/NJ – Aly AL0Y - During the WRAET 4/24 net, James
(N2RBJ) mentioned he was looking for a codeplug for the “anytone 878” radio. I happen to have this radio
and I have built a code plug for it with all DMR repeaters in NY/NJ state, along with some repeaters in PA,
CT, and FL and every repeater that has the NY Metropolitan talkgroup (TG444). It has also the Roaming
setup to automatically roam between repeaters that has TG444 if current repeater becomes unreachable;
also along with some analog FM repeaters in the area. Aly forwarded the codeplug to all members and
making available to everyone to download it. Make sure you input your DMR ID and CALLSIGN in the
codeplug before uploading to your radio. Aly will also be adding this codeplug to the website, anyone who
have a working codeplug and want to host it on the club’s website for other members, please email it to Aly
at and I will do that.
 FEMA/ARES/Red Cross exercise taking place on 05/23/2019, 9:30 am to 11:30 am – Aly, AL0Y -
Demonstrate to FEMA the readiness of amateur radio operators to handle traffic between key locations and
the Red Cross along with the ARRL HQ in CT. As a member of the American Red Cross Amateur radio club,
and a volunteer in the Red Cross disaster services, Aly will be operating his station from the Red Cross HQ in
Fair field. This is located in Essex County. However, Aly would like to have another station operating from
Passaic County. He believes this is a good opportunity for the club to participate, cover for Passaic County
and prepare for the field day as well; as this exercise should go in a FD-Like style. He can probably ask
commander Robert Scott (KD2ION) from the Passaic County Sheriff Office if a station can be operated from
the OEM location. For record, Fair Lawn ARES group (K2FLA) will operate from the Fair Lawn club house
and will cover for Bergen County. ARRL will also do some publication about this, and the club can get
some exposure by participating. Frequencies for the event will be distributed by email.
There was Robert E Holstrom, Park Ridge, KD2BKD as guest at the meeting.
ADJOURNMENT – Business Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.
PROGRAM - AL0Y, Aly, will spoke on APRS and how he used Arduino and Raspberry PIs to build an APRS station.
Thanks, Aly.
Next meeting - Friday, June 14, 7:30 pm.

Meeting Attendees
Guest Robert E Holstrom, Park Ridge, KD2BKD
Aly Badawy AL0Y
Allan Jay Baum K2AJB
David Pandoscak K2NEC
John Demetrius KC2OII
Jamie McCabe KD2LZS
Mike Williams KD2NCN
Piero Mosca KD2ONN
Steven Brodkowitz KD2PJK
Allan Baum KF2EE
Jim Sadur N2RBJ
Rob Arms N2RDA
Jason Findlay W2PX
Carver Washburn W2TFM
Gary Kantor WA2BAU