Meeting minutes:

Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency Team Meeting December 14, 2018
Published: February 07, 2019

Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency Team
Meeting Minutes for 12-14-18

Welcome and start of meeting – Joe K2JVS
The meeting started at 7:39 pm. Joe moderated the meeting. It began with a flag salute followed by discussion of agenda items.

Club Business Meeting Topics (Members Only Discussion)

Approval of Meeting Minutes November 9 - Carver W2TFM
Minutes approved by majority vote.

Monthly Net report – Aly – AL0Y The net is held on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 8 pm on the WRAET 2M Repeater. Aly did not attend meeting. Suggestion was made to revert back to alternating 2M and 440 repeaters.
Net Attendees 11-28-18 OPEN 2000
CLOSE 2025 Next net will be Wednesday December 28 on the 2M repeater.

Web Site – Aly AL0Y
Did not attend meeting.

WRAET Facebook Page – Steve KD2PJK
Steve advised that the new Facebook page is getting hits. He will be adding Field Day pictures to the page. Also, some of the information on the WRAET web site will be duplicated on the Facebook page.

Membership – Allan K2AJB
Prospective member Matthew, W2NHZ attended the meeting and was introduced to the group. Welcome! Allan is getting information on new licensees working with Rob, NNJ Section Manager,

Proposal to select and start on the Scouting Radio Merit Badge and the Communications Merit Badge Jack KB2LNO and Jim N2RBJ did not attend the meeting.  

Did not attend meeting. Dave, K2NEC is contacting Mike so that we can move forward for additional drills supporting OEM initiatives.

Field Day 2019 – Seeking chair. Matt, W2ORT, reaffirmed he volunteered to participate and possibly chair the event. Matt contacted Jack who responded that he will send info to Matt. Dave, K2NEC also volunteered for Field Day. Jack
should send Dave the same info. This includes all the press releases, notes, participants, scripts, checklists, safety brief, etc. Further discussion will take place after that.

There was also the suggestion of using a simpler call sign for our next Field Day.

Open Chair positions: Matt, W2ORT, agreed to volunteer as Program Chair (meeting programs). Matt will conduct the program for our next meeting. It will include video recording of various tutorial topics of interest such as RACES, ARES and Field Day activities. Thanks, Matt! Steve, KD2PJK, agreed to volunteer as Social Events Chair. Steve is also Chair of the WRAET Facebook page. Thanks, Steve! Hamfest chair is still required.

WRAET Jackets The potential vendor for WRAET jackets, hats and etc. will come to the February 8th meeting. His name is Phil Bellomo, a Wayne resident, and is an owner of Finish Line Sports. Phil has done work for the Boy Scout troop for years and served as Assistant Scoutmaster.

Mayor/Council recognition of WRAET Club Joe, K2JVS – still pending

EchoLink proposal to Wayne OEM for funding – Joe K2JVS Joe, K2JVS – still pending.
Program – There was no program. However. There is now a Program Chair – Matt, W2ORT. See above.

Other Member business proposed from the floor None

GUEST/PUBLIC PORTION There was one guest at the meeting – Matthew, W2NHZ.

ADJOURNMENT - Meeting adjourned at 9:07 pm. Next meeting will be Friday, January 11, 7:30 pm.
Meeting Attendees
Meeting Attendees 12-14-18
Allan Jay Baum K2AJB
Joe Scuralli K2JVS
David Pandoscak K2NEC
Chris Luccrelli KD2OLL
Matthew O'Neill W2ORT
Steven Brodkowitz KD2PJK
Rob Arms N2RDA
Carver Washburn W2TFM
Jason Findlay W2PX
Gary Kantor WA2BAU
Matthew Alfano W2NHZ