Meeting minutes:

Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency Team Meeting April, 13 2018
Published: February 06, 2019

Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency Team
Meeting Minutes for 4-13-18
Welcome and start of meeting – Joe K2JVS The meeting started at 7:32 pm. Joe moderated the meeting as Tom, KR2I was absent. It began with a flag salute followed by discussion of agenda items.

Club Business Meeting Topics (Members Only Discussion)

Approval of Meeting Minutes March 9 - Carver W2TFM Minutes approved by majority vote.

Monthly Net report – Allan – K2AJB The net was held on March 28, the 4th Wednesday of the month at 8 pm on the WRAET 440 Repeater. It opened at 8 pm and closed at 8:47 pm. Net participants:
Allan Jay Baum - NCS K2AJB
Aly Badawy - ANCS AL0Y
John Demetrius KC2OII
Allan Baum KF2EE
Carver Washburn W2TFM
Roge Ringers K2RRB
Dave Pandoscak K2NEC
Rob Arms Wayne N2RDA
Jamie Lincoln Park KD2LZS
Jason Findlay W2FPV
Stan Ekiert K3KKH
Joe Scuralli K2JVS
Egon Fromm WA2DLZ

Next net will be Wednesday April 25 on the 2M repeater

Web Site – Aly AL0Y Aly did not attend meeting.

Membership – Allan K2AJB New Members - Rob Arms, N2RDA; Jason Findlay, W2FPV and Egon Fromm, WA2DLZ Welcome! Total members now 26.

Wayne OEM Coordinator for WRAET Club – Mike KD2NCN  The letter to all licensed amateurs in Wayne from Wayne OEM to Join WRAET Club is being held in abeyance by Wayne OEM. Also considering expanding the letter to invite the licensed amateurs in Wayne to join CERT. Projector in meeting room now operational with HDMI. Plans including adding VGA connection back.

Hamfest and Social Events Dan K2DDG did not attend meeting.

Field Day Plans for June 23-24 – Jack KB2LNO 
Jack did not attend the meeting but provided the following update which was discussed at the meeting: Location is set. Entering off College Road and driving south it will be the first parking lot on the left and across from Regency Health Care. Details and sketch of site attached. Publicity Chair, Ariel, KD2ONX, has the press release and will be coordinating with St Joe’s Office of Development and PR for release late in May First Aid and Safety Officer, Dave, K2NEC is primed, ready and fully equipped Carver, W2TFM is handling equipment and band planning. A spreadsheet listing of all volunteered equipment and supplies has been distributed to members. Expect to stage operations on 80, 40 and 20 meters HF plus VHF/UHF. Stan, K3KKH, advised that all Field Day participants label everything they bring to the site. Bring a surge suppressor for their radios and computers. Dan, K2DDG and Stan, K3KKH are handling antennas and setup locations. They will confirm the dry-run day on a Saturday in May, one where they both will be available. Wayne PD/OEM will supply the tent on field day, generator and possible additional fuel. St Joe’s will also supply generator John, KC2OII has registered us and the site location with ARRL. John will also provide the renewed certificate of insurance to St Joes. Until Aly returns from vacation, Jack will continue management/coordination of licensing course Baggo (St Joe’s Dir. Security) has reserved the hospital’s auditorium for the technician’s licensing lectures for May 12 and May 13 for 8 AM to 4 PM. Waiting for a decision if it is possible and advisable to condense class to one day rather than two. Ariel, KD2ONX is finalizing design to order banner. A draft was circulated by Aiel for review and comment. Volunteers are still needed for the following: Volunteer to arrange back up the large generators with smaller personal units---semper gumby! Stan, K3KKH, will coordinate and set up with Dave, WO2X, the logging software and training Volunteer to set up and arrange for water, ice, drinks, food, tables/chairs, lighting, coolers, etc. John, KC2OII will do Scripts for QSO, back up paper logging etc. John, KC2OII will do GOTA station-log sheets, etc., and certificates Volunteer to do license class recruiting: members, prospective members, scouts, girl scouts, high school, WPU radio club, CERT, OEM, dispatchers, Fire Department, First Aid, etc. Publicity Chair, Ariel, KD2ONX will invite Boy Scout, Girl Scouts, local groups, public officials, etc. Perhaps before the dry run, those involved in planning or with a greater interest, we meet early one weekend morning at a local dinner for breakfast meeting— Jack gets up at 4AM LOL Need the licensing link on the website once we finalize dates On every weekly net meeting the licensing course should be mentioned and refer to a link on the website We are ready to roll and enjoy the field day.

Open Chair positions which require a volunteer are:
 Program Chair (meeting programs). April 13 Meeting Program – None. Mike Lisenco N2YBB, Hudson Division Director program shifted to June 8. NBEMS (Narrow Band Emergency Messaging Systems) May 8 Aly, AL0Y
 Training Chair  Publicity Chair (newspapers and our promotional media) is now filled with our new member Ariel Tolome, KD2ONX. Thank you Ariel!
Mayor/Council recognition of WRAET Club Joe, K2JVS, indicated nothing to report but still in progress. EchoLink proposal to Wayne OEM for funding – Joe K2JVS Nothing to report Club Shirts Dave, K2NEC, volunteered to take the lead on Club shirts, Dave sent to the members a draft design for review and comment. Other Member business proposed from the floor There was no other business

GUEST/PUBLIC PORTION There were no guests and members of the Public at the meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 8:47 pm. Next meeting will be Friday, May 11th, 7:30 pm.
Meeting Attendees 
Allan Jay Baum K2AJB
Joe Scuralli K2JVS
David Pandoscak K2NEC
Stan Ekiert K3KKH
John Demetrius KC2OII
Mike Williams KD2NCN
Piero Mosca KD2ONN
Ariel Tolome KD2ONX
Steven Brodkowitz KD2PJK
Allan Baum KF2EE
Joe Basilicato N2BOZ
Rob Arms N2RDA
Carver Washburn W2TFM
Jason Findlay W2FPV
Gary Kantor WA2BAU