Meeting minutes:

Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency Team Meeting March, 9 2018
Published: February 06, 2019

Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency Team
Meeting Minutes for 3-9-18
Welcome and start of meeting – Joe K2JVS The meeting started at 7:35 pm. Joe moderated the meeting as Tom, KR2I was absent. It began with a flag salute followed by discussion of agenda items.

Club Business Meeting Topics (Members Only Discussion)

Approval of Meeting Minutes January 12 - Carver W2TFM Minutes approved by majority vote.

Monthly Net report – Aly AL0Y The net was held on February 28, the 4th Wednesday of the month at 8 pm on the WRAET 2 Meter Repeater. It opened at 8 pm and closed at 8:41 pm. Net participants: Aly Badawy - NCS AL0Y John Demetrius KC2OII Allan Jay Baum K2AJB Carver Washburn W2TFM Roge Ringers K2RRB Dave Pandoscak KD2LQG Rob Wayne N2RDA Jamie Lincoln Park KD2LZS

Web Site – Aly AL0Y Aly updated a number of things on the web site including Club meeting minutes and other current activities.

Aly discussed the ARRL NNJ Section - NNJ ARES 5 Watt Challenge to be held April 7, 2018 1500-2100 hrs LOCAL. Rules: 5 watts Max power, HF or VHF. No commercial power. Use of mobiles is allowed if running only 5 watts. Exchange: Call, Name, County and ARES appointment if any. Frequencies: 146.58 simplex, 50.265 digital, 7.070 digital and 7.040 CW Score: 10 pts, 2m FM less than 5 miles (participate must calculate the distance using QRZ maps) 20pts, 2m FM more than 5 miles and less than 10 miles 40pts, 2m FM over 10 miles 50 pts, 6m and 40m digital and CW 100pts, NBEMS message, sent and received Bonuses: Work the Section Manager, SEC, ASEC or County DEC and get 5 times contact points. If the operating station has an operating generator and/ or battery bank gets a bonus of 50 pts, whether or not, it’s actually used. Let's test our ability to communicate without repeaters and commercial power at 5 watts! Certificates will be awarded to the top ten scores in the twelve NNJ counties. The use of exterior antennas is encouraged! Blank score sheet will be emailed prior to April 7th. Please share with your friends! Submit you log to: by April 28th.

Membership – Allan K2AJB Allan did not attend the meeting. New Member - Ariel Tolome, KD2ONX. Welcome Ariel! Thanks for your work on the logos and thanks for becoming the club Publicity Chair! Prospective members attending the meeting: Rob Arms N2RDA David Minster NA2AA Egon Fromm WA2DLZ Bennett Norell KO2OK

Wayne OEM Coordinator for WRAET Club – Mike KD2NCN  The letter to all licensed amateurs in Wayne from Wayne OEM to Join WRAET Club is being held in abeyance while the recent reorganization changes settle down a bit. Also Wayne OEM is considering expanding the letter to invite the licensed amateurs in Wayne to join CERT. Mike also coordinated the meeting with St Josephs Hospital Wayne as a club field day site (see below).

Field Day Plans for June 23-24 – Jack KB2LNO  Discussion with St Josephs Wayne as a potential site took place. Attending were Mike, KD2NCN; Captain Keith O’Sullivan, Wayne OEM; Jack, KB2LNO; Joe, K2JVS; John, KC2OII and Stan, K3KKH. Representing the Hospital was Baggo Mileski, Head of Security. The Hospital is enthusiastic in working with the club for field day and having a number of the personnel become hams including from the IT group. (the club will assist them in doing this). A field day site was offered but small in size. However, the site up the hill behind the hospital in the parking lot not only has a great deal more open space, but would provide us with a electrical connection directly from the building which obviates the need for generators. That alternative is being pursued. The North Cove site near PAL building is all open field with no bathrooms or electrical power, which is back to generators. Wayne OEM has offered a 20’ x 40’ tent and has indicated the possibility of supplying a generator.

Issues with the club liability policy are being worked out between Jack and John, KC2OII. A copy of the club policy is being obtained and a determination is being made as to coverage both for the Hospital and for nonclub attendees/participants. An issue with the club corporate name is also be resolved.

The club banner design (which will first be used during Field Day) collaboration is underway between Aly, AL0Y and Ariel, KD2ONX. Ariel presented at the meeting several excellent logo designs. Thank you Ariel! They will also address using the logo design for club jackets and other clothing.

The Hospital was presented with the Georgia Amateur Radio Emergency Service HOSPITAL EMERGENCY OPERATIONS PLAN for Hospital Emergency Radio Operators. They are interested in this initiative for themselves, and the club will collaborate in its development.

Open Chair positions which require a volunteer are:  Program Chair (meeting programs). Already arranged is April 13 – Mike Lisenco N2YYB, Hudson Division ARRL Director  Training Chair  Publicity Chair (newspapers and our promotional media) is now filled with our new member Ariel Tolome, KD2ONX. Thank you Ariel!

Mayor/Council recognition of WRAET Club Joe, K2JVS, indicated nothing to report but still in progress.
EchoLink proposal for Wayne OEM Funding Joe, K2JVS, indicated nothing to report but still in progress.

Other Member business proposed from the floor No items presented.

Guest/Public Portion No items presented.

Program An excellent presentation on Growing a Club and Community Interest   was given by Ed Efchak/WX2R.  Ed is the Public Information Officer for the Fair Lawn Amateur Radio Club. He is also the NNJ Public  Information Coordinator (PIC) for the ARRL and a past Public Information Officer (PIO). He also serves on  the ARRL Public Relations Committee. A ham since 1975 (WN2AIV, later KB2IKI), Ed dabbles in CW, QRP,  digital and (more recently) satellites. He is also a member of the Frankford Radio Club and the Addison  County (VT) ARC. Thank you, Ed! 
Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.
Next meeting is April 13tth, 7:30 pm in Health Room #2, Wayne Municipal Building. Program will be a presentation by – Mike Lisenco, N2YBB, ARRL Hudson Division Director
Meeting Attendees:
Aly Badawy AL0Y
Dan Giandoso K2DDG
Joe Scuralli K2JVS
Stan Ekiert K3KKH
Jack Carbone KB2LNO
Mike Williams KD2NCN
Ariel Tolome KD2ONX
Joe Basilicato N2BOZ
Carver Washburn W2TFM
Gary Kantor WA2BAU
Steven Brodkowitz -

Members: Guests:
Rob Arms N2RDA
David Minster NA2AA
Egon Fromm WA2DLZ
Bennett Norell KO2OK