Meeting minutes:

Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency Team Meeting January, 12 2018
Published: February 06, 2019

Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency Team
Meeting Minutes for 1-12-18
Welcome and start of meeting – Joe K2JVS The meeting started at 7:30 pm. Joe moderated the meeting as Tom, KR2I was absent. It began with a flag salute followed by discussion of agenda items.

Presentation of New Wayne OEM Leaders Tom Cantisano introduced Captain Keith O’Sullivan who has been appointed as the new Wayne OEM replacing Captain Mark McGrath. Captain O‘Sullivan in turn introduced Mike Williams, KD2NCN who will oversee WRAET in place of Tom. Mike became a club member at the meeting. His primary assignment is managing the 911 Dispatch center in the Wayne Police Department. Captain O’Sullivan also mentioned that Lt. Keith McDermott will lead CERT replacing Tom. We all thanked Tom for his extraordinary contributions to CERT over the years and to the startup of WRAET in 2017.

Presentation of Rob Roschewsk KA2PBT, NNJ ARRL Section Manager Joe, K2JVS introduced Rob who attended our meeting. Rob was pleased to join us having heard much about our club. He offered his services to assist in any way.

Club Business Meeting Topics (Members Only Discussion)

Treasurers Report on Finances – John KC2OII No report. John was absent

Approval of Meeting Minutes December 8 - Carver W2TFM Minutes approved by majority vote.

Monthly Net report – Aly AL0Y The net was held on December 27, the 4th Wednesday of the month at 8 pm on the WRAET 2 Meter Repeater. It opened 8 pm and closed at 8:30 pm (informal conversation till 8:45 pm) Aly Badawy AL0Y Joe Scuralli K2JVS Allan Jay Baum K2AJB Carver Washburn W2TFM Allan Baum KF2EE The January net will be held on the WRAET 440 repeater

Web Site – Aly AL0Y Aly added the Club membership application to the web site, and updated Club meeting minutes and other current activities.

Discussion of Club Survey 10 out of 19 Club members have submitted the Club Survey. The survey identified Club Chair positions needed to be filled. All members are urged to complete the survey expressing their interest and volunteering for positions in the club.

Open Chair positions which require a volunteer are:  Program Chair (meeting programs)  Publicity Chair (newspapers and our promotional media)

Training Chair – Stan, K2KKH Stan commented on his initial steps as Training Chair will be to acquire available slide presentations and other written material for licensing – Technician, General and Extra. Stan is in contact with the trainer that does license training in the area including Passaic County OEM.

Programs – While is still no Program Chair, programs have been scheduled for the next three meetings:  February 9 – Aly AL0Y presentation on ARES  March 9 – Ed Efchek WX2R, Publicity Chair for the Fair Lawn ARC and NNJ ARRL Section - Growing a club and community interest patterned after his article in December CQ  April 13 – Mike Lisenco N2YYB, Hudson Division ARRL Director

Membership Chair Allan K2AJB Allan moved into high gear with preparing and making his first recruitment presentation to a large group of Wayne CERT members. He also signed up new member Mike Williams, KD2NCN, newly appointed in the Wayne OEM.

Field Day June 23-24 Jack KB2LNO Jack described Field Day and the many ways to participate and have fun. He also talked about its site location favoring St Joesphs Hospital Wayne. Joe K2JVS will work with Jack to investigate that possibility. He also provided a survey for all members to fill out describing their interests and possible assignments.

Hamfest and Social Events Dan K2DDG Dan is just getting started on these long-range activities and will report at future meetings.

Mayor/Council recognition of WRAET Club Joe, K2JVS, indicated the importance of doing this especially from a legal perspective. He will follow through and report at the next meeting.

Wayne PAL Facility Use by the Club Carver W2TFM, working with Mark McGrath, made contact with the Executive Director of the Wayne PAL. Wayne PAL expressed willingness to work with us on an event once the specifics are provided. It seems like a positive step especially given our limited finances at this point. This initiative resulted from a request by Stan K3KKH.

Klondike Derby January 20th Carver W2TFM contacted the Klondike Derby committee to offer our communications support. They advised that they will not need our help in that the older scouts will handle these tasks this year. Carver still offered help in case they need it.

Password to the WRAET Portion of the ARRL Web Site Joe, K2JVS will provide Allan K2AJB password access to that site. He believes that John, KC2OII has that access.

Guest/Public Portion No items presented

Program – Presentation on WRAET Club activities and benefits to invited CERT members given by Allan K2AJB Membership Chair and Carver W2TFM
Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.
Next meeting January 9th, 7:30 pm in Health Room #2, Wayne Municipal Building. Program will be a presentation on ARES by Aly, AL0Y.
Meeting Attendees
Vernon Cooper AD2W
Aly Badawy AL0Y
Allan Jay Baum K2AJB
Dan Giandoso K2DDG
Joe Scuralli K2JVS
Stan Ekiert K3KKH
Jack Carbone KB2LNO
Mike Williams KD2NCN
Piero Mosca KD2ONN
Allan Baum KF2EE
Carver Washburn W2TFM
Gary Kantor WA2BAU
Gordon Beattie W2TTT Fair Lawn ARC
Nancy Beattie N2FWT Fair Lawn ARC
James Lamin - CERT
Rob Roschewsk KA2PBT AARL NNJ SM
Michael Gottesman - CERT
Richard C. Powell -
Salvatore Abate - CERT
Allison Peckham N2KKV CERT
Phyllis Miller - CERT
Joe Brodkarla -
Dolores McGuire - CERT
Fred Schneider - CERT
Margaret Wood W2DG VEC