Meeting minutes:

Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency Team Meeting September 8, 2017
Published: February 06, 2019

Wayne Amateur Radio Emergency Team Meeting for 09-08-17

 Meeting started 7:30 pm
 Wayne OEM - Mark McGrath and Tom Cantisano presentation. There was a prior RACES organization years ago which disappeared. Mark sees a big need for our amateur radio club. Our direct reporting relationship will be to Tom. Tom is in the Health Dept with OEM as an adjunct position (along with C.E.R.T). Tom is also associated with the Red Cross. He gave background on earlier disasters including 9/11. Started Wayne CERT way back and all staffed by volunteers. Redundant line of communications is critical. The club mission statement is directly in line with the OEM mission. OEM goals:
 Need in-depth line of communications. Our club radio communications provides that, especially with denial of primary communications. We will need number of amateur X3 given that experience has shown that about 1/3 show up for duty in any given event.  Tom will be sending letter to all licensed hams in Wayne.
 Will be doing background checks on all Club members.
 Need training course for new hams
 Will provide ICS (Incident Command) training for Club members.
 Member comment: Club should recruit using same techniques as CERT has used.
 The Wayne web site will have recruiting material and an application for volunteers to join including nonlicensed volunteers.
 It was suggested that we have cross training between CERT and the Club. Tom acceptable to that. We need to set that up.
 The broader idea is for a volunteer to start on one organization (eg., CERT) and expand into the Club (and visa versa). CERT has been successful in recruiting for EMS, etc.
 Reverse 911 - use Club repeaters to announce call up.
 First Club goals:
 Recruit and train new members and get them licensed
 Get club net going. Design radio exercises to follow
 Get a call up list and method activated.
 Getting gas for car - like CERT does during rationing
 Tom KE2I - Club net is the 4th Wednesday at 8 pm. This is just a start to get to know each other and smooth out the operating procedures. The script will follow RACES/ARES script. John KC2IOO will tweak script and send to founders and Aly N2SHO. Aly will lead the net.
 Tom KR2I - VEs We have 4 VEs Extra and 1 technician. Roge organized this and takes the lead
 Training- Roge is in charge. Will first work coordinate sending the first group of non-licensed hams to the Technician Licensing classes at Passaic County OEM on 10/28 – 10/29. Carver W2TFM will provide list of non-hams for him to contact on this. In the meantime, Roge will be developing the "in-house" training.
 Jack Carbone KB2LNO described JOTA . Also pre setup . Jack and Joe to set date for preset up. 2 scout leaders will be involved with the pre setup and will select the date for pre setup at their meeting next week.
 Meeting closed at 9:05 pm.