Meeting minutes:

Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency Team Meeting August, 11 2017
Published: February 06, 2019

Wayne Amateur Radio Emergency Team Meeting for 08-11-17

Meeting started 7:40 pm.

Meeting Attendees
Barry Siegfried K2MF Member
Roger Ringers K2RRB Member
John Demetrius KC2OII Member
Tom Aiello KR2I Member
Aly Badawy N2SHO Member
Carver Washburn W2TFM Member
Gary Kantor WA2BAU Member
Allan Jay Baum KD2IGD Member
Allan Baum KF2EE Member
Piero (Peter) Mosca None

 ARES Field Resource Manual Member Handout — John - KC2OII John issued ARES handbook to members and explained what the book is about. John also explained that in addition the emergency communication aspect of the club, the club provides full service including license training, VEC Exams, field day, etc.
 New Federal Regulations i.e. Healthcare/Ham — John - KC2OII. John explained the new Federal regulation on healthcare/ham.  Part 95 Regulations Rewrite (CB, FRS, GMRS) — John - KC2OII. John explained the Part 95 regulation rewrite (CB, FRS, GMRS - General Mobile R audio Service, Family Radio Service and the old Citizen Band now called CB).
 Monthly Repeater Net - Tom - KR2I indicated that volunteers are needed to run the net on the first Wednesday of every month. A script will be provided as a guideline. Aly - N2SHO and Roger - K2RRB volunteered. The first session will be Wednesday September 6 at 9 pm on the 2 meter club repeater.
 Field Exercises for Field Day and Boy Scouts. Work out logistics — Carver - W2TFM. This is a Field Day pre-trial to be run in September (JOTA is in October). John Carbone - KB2LNO might be willing to chair this as he is handling JOTA. John was not at the meeting. Roger - K2RRB and Gary WA2BAU volunteered to be on the committee. A site location needs to be evaluated and selected. The hospital is not a good choice with potential interference with hospital equipment. In any event approval will be required from the land owner.
 VE Exams. Volunteers needed to set up and teach applicants Technicians Class Amateur Radio Licenses — Tom KR2I. Tom discussed classes for licensing and getting some one to head this up. No takers at the meeting but there was a small turnout. Same discussion took place on heading up VEC testing. No takers at the meeting. However, Roger, K2RRB will provide John, KC2OII with an ARRL list of official VECs in New Jersey to establish which members in the club are VECs.
 Open Discussion - All. Gary WA2BAU, gave some information on new research on batteries (eg, rechargeable alkaline batteries). Also new WiFi at 10 GHz and 30 GHz. Aly, N2SHO, gave an update on the club web site which is looking very good.
 Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.