Meeting minutes:

Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency Team Meeting June 9, 2017
Published: February 06, 2019

Wayne Amateur Radio Club meeting June 9 KD2KWT opened at 7:30 pm and was held in Health Room #2, Wayne Municipal Building.

Introduction of founders KR2I, K2JVS, KC2OII, W2TFM.

Explained role in Wayne OEM.

Described repeater operations - includes EchoLink on 220 and 440.

Explained the club operations as three membership classes: RACES, ARES,Club member. We are hoping and expecting the members will signup for RACES, ARES and Club Member.
Club will have Wayne OEM-directed drills resulting in an expanded footprint of Wayne OEM as well as backup communications.

Did round table to introduce each attendee and describe their interest in the club including emergency communications.

Joe, K2JVS, described the repeater coordination effort.

N2SHO, Aly, offered to host club web site.

Barry, K2MF, is setting up email distribution to send emails to all members.

John, KC2OII, will send out applications and assume that each member will be in RACES, ARES and club member.

Carver, W2TFM, will place new members at THE meeting in a database and send it to everyone.

Club is open to all including non-hams who want to get their HAM license.

Meeting closed at 9 pm

Next meeting with be Friday, July 14 - 7:30 pm Health Room #2, Wayne Municipal Building